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“The magazine was first established in 1970 by Ned Thomas, author of The Welsh Extremist, with the aim of creating a forum for debate about Wales in English, as well as encouraging a dialogue between English-speaking Wales and Welsh-speaking Wales. After a short break the magazine was re-established in 1985, and went from strength to strength first under the editorship of John Barnie and subsequently under the editorship of Helle Michelsen and Jasmine Donahaye. It is now edited by Emily Trahair on a temporary basis.

Most of the material in Planet is commissioned, but we are willing to consider ideas for articles or reviews, and we accept unsolicited submissions of fiction and poetry.

For articles and reviews, please familiarise yourself with the magazine before contacting us. In the first instance, send an email to the address below with a brief synopsis of any proposed article.

Please feel free to submit poetry (4-6 poems) or short fiction (up to 4000 words). We are particularly interested in seeing work that connects in some way with the broad range of issues and concerns of the magazine. We aim to respond within 3 months, and sooner if the matter is time-sensitive.

We accept hardcopy and email submissions. Hardcopy should be typed and will not be considered unless accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope or sufficient International Reply Coupons to cover return postage. For overseas submissions, please note that 1 IRC is sufficient only for a reply letter. Please do not send originals.

Fees are £50.00 per 1000 words for prose (or part thereof) and £30.00 per poem. Payment is made on publication and is reflective of final word count.

If your hardcopy submission is accepted for publication, you will need to send it in digital form, either on disc or as an email attachment as a digital text file.

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