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“is an online publisher of short stories. The editors are Claire Massey, Andy Hedgecock and Carys Bray. Claire also writes short stories and is an editor at Litfest, you can visit her blog here. Andy is also the co-fiction editor of Interzone. Carys is also a fiction writer and she teaches creative writing at Edge Hill University, you can visit her website here.

Other things you should know:
We are partial to the unnerving, uncanny and fantastic. We are tired of arguments about literary versus genre and genre versus literary — we just love well written imaginative fiction.

We have a slightly sporadic publishing schedule: subscribe to our news blog (by email or RSS), twitter or facebook pages for unexpected deliveries of short fiction.

Some of the stories we publish are only suitable for adults.

We are run on a voluntary, not-for-profit basis and we are trying to raise money for nominated charities. Please consider making a donation.

‘In a secularized culture, desire for otherness is not displaced into alternative regions of heaven or hell, but is directed towards the absent areas of this world, transforming it into something ‘other’ than the familiar, comfortable one. Instead of an alternative order it creates ‘alterity’, this world re-placed and dis-located. A useful term for understanding and expressing this process of transformation and deformation is ‘paraxis’. This signifies par-axis, that which lies on either side of the principle axis, that which lies alongside the main body. Paraxis is a telling notion in relation to the place, or space, of the fantastic, for it implies and inextricable link to the main body of the ‘real’ which it shades and threatens.’

Rosemary Jackson, Fantasy: The Literature of Subversion”


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