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“a new biannual journal, in the format of a small art book, which prints writing,photography and art from, largely unpublished, artists from across the globe. Each issue is themed around a concept linked with Oubliette and the forgotten places of the world.

The theme of the first issue is REMAINS and all that word entails. The journal will be available in art galleries and bookshops across Europe and the rest of the world and our aim is to bring to light some of the amazing work being created by artists young and oldand to provide exposure and a new avenue of exhibition for all those involved.

The website www.oubliettes.co.uk is changing all the time and in the near future we hope it will contain extra material, news of upcoming exhibitions by our featuredartists as well as providing a platform for affiliated artists and readers to post video and audiomaterial which the print edition cannot cover.

Oubliette relies heavily on the unsolicited submissions we receive from artists and writers from across the globe looking for a new vehicle for exhibiting their work. Due to the high number of submissions we have received so far it means we have been spoilt for choice but italso means that sadly we cannot print everything we receive.

If you think your work would fit with the ethos we have adopted then please send any material you would like us to consider by email to djfraser_underthevolcano@live.com or by post to the above address. If you are submitting by post then please include a stamped addressed envelope so that we may return your work to you. The theme for the second issue is HIDDEN and submissions are open now.”



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