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Other People’s Flowers is a weekly podcast to give voice to stories, essays and poems. Our aim is to bring the joy of literary magazines to the world of podcasts.

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We accept submissions from writers year round. You can send submissions to editor@otherpeoplesflowers.com. Put the title of the work and your name in the email title. We accept any document format and our hard word limit is 6,000 words. This is so we can keep episodes to around 40 minutes.

Please include a brief third-person bio in your cover email, and don’t worry too much about giving us a lengthy cover letter as we’re only really interested in your writing.

 If we want to read out your work, we’ll work with you to improve it and tailor it to the podcast format. Sometimes the spoken word can be a little different from the written word and we want your story to be as good as it can be.