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number_eleven_logo“is a new online literary journal that publishes short stories, flash fiction, graphic novel artwork and illustrations. Number Eleven is published quarterly.

What are we about? What are we looking for? Well, the simple answer is that we are about great stories and strong characters and we are looking for new and interesting work. We like to read edgy and arresting prose, stories that have the ability to inspire and amaze us (by that we mean jealous that we didn’t write them ourselves). We want the truth; we want to read things that we can believe in, things that we can identify with. Take something apart, strip it down to its bare parts and then put it back together, that is exactly what we want, we want your take on things, your view, your outlook. Don’t be shy or miserly with it.

We also want to see illustrations and graphic novel artwork that makes us stop and think, artwork that challenges how we see things. If you can create that then we would like to publish it. Playing safe is not an option, we don’t want to push boundaries, we want to remove them. Be bold, be brave, be yourself.

Graham Connors

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