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NOUS magazine is a Manchester based publication dedicated to conversations about mental illness. Our aim is to promote open-mindedness in society especially for related issues and help remove the stigma following people affected.

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If you look up the word nous {ˈnaʊs} in your dictionairy it will tell you that the ‘nous’ is necessary for understanding what is true or real. It is the processes working within us – our mind or our soul.

With each issue NOUS is taking its readers on a journey in three parts featuring short stories, interviews, poetry, and essay exploring one chapter of our mental health. NOUS is published biannually with changing topics related to mind culture, philosophy, mental illness, and the everyday. The magazine is printed by Team Trident Press with our Riso in everchanging dualcolour variations.

NOUS history

NOUS came about as founder Lisa’s MA project on publication design and the importance of books and magazines as communication and education tools. Issue One and Two were free to all thanks to our generous crowdfunders. NOUS No.3 was partially funded by art print sales of Tracy Emin and supported by MMU Arts For Health. Since Issue Four NOUS can be found in some handpicked cafés, bars, and bookstores in various cities in Europe and the United States. All available issues can also be ordered online. Older NOUS issues can be read via Issuu and found at Salford Zine Library. You can also subscribe for a yearly subscription of NOUS which covers two issues and starts from the date you send us an email if not other specified.


As We Are Away – mini festival

As We Are Away  first took place in August 2013, and continued in its second edition in November 2014. We invited our Mancunian friends, who previously contributed to NOUS, to celebrate togetherness in the spirit of the magazine with us. The festival involved film screenings, live animation, bands, spoken work, poetry workshops, and a listening event and many more. All events are free of charge. Everyone is invited to explore the topic which is usually connected to the November issue of NOUS, engage, connect and build bridges.

Thank you to everyone who helped make As We Are Away such a great experience. The third As We Are Away Festival will take place in November 2015.

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NOUS 6 – The Worlds Apart Issue – will be out in November 2015.

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