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“Founded in 1988 as the successor to The Welsh Review (1939-1948), Dock Leaves and The Anglo-Welsh Review (1949-1987), New Welsh Review is Wales’s foremost literary magazine in English. For over twenty years, New Welsh Review has been central to the Welsh literary scene in offering a vital outlet for the very best new fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry, a forum for critical debate and a rigorous and engaged reviewing culture. New Welsh Review has published some of the greatest writers and thinkers from Wales and beyond; Dannie Abse, Paul Muldoon, P.D. James, Emyr Humphreys, Leslie Norris, Gwyneth Lewis, Les Murray, Rachel Trezise, Niall Griffiths, Owen Sheers, Terry Eagleton, Edna Longley, Byron Rogers and Gillian Clarke provide just a snapshot of the high-calibre names that have appeared in the magazine over its history. Today, New Welsh Review holds true to its original mission statement: to be dynamic, curious, lively and outward-looking, to commemorate the past but to celebrate contemporary excellence and new directions.

Submission of short stories and poems may be made by post or email.

Postal submissions (short stories and poems) should be sent to the editor accompanied by a covering letter and a stamped addressed envelope or international money order for return. Material will not be returned unless it is accompanied by sufficient postage. If acknowledgement of safe receipt is required, we would also ask you to include a stamped addressed postcard with your submission.

Email submissions of not more than six poems or one short story in any three-month period should be sent to . Please title your email ‘Submissions’, include the word ‘Fiction’ or ‘Poetry’ plus your name and attach your work as separate word documents named after your piece. We ask that you also include a covering letter. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in our failure to notify you about the result of your submission.

Short stories must be typed, single-sided and double-spaced, in the region of 2,500 to 3,000 words, although we do on occasion publish shorter stories and microfiction.

Poetry submissions should consist of not more than six previously unpublished poems. Poems must be typed and single-sided.

We pay in the region of £100 for a short story and £28 for each poem, upon publication.

We aim to let you know within three months if your submission has been selected. Please be patient as we receive many submissions each week. Publication should generally be swift following submission, although the editor reserves the right to publish work on a timetable which reflects the magazine’s demands. Following the receipt of a contract letter, contributors will be informed of the scheduled publication date of their piece as it enters the production cycle, usually around two months before publication date.”

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