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 “is a new journal published quarterly to give space and support to new talent. We look to publish the best short fiction and poetry emerging from the UK writing scene. We are part of Gatehouse Press, an award winning publishing house for new fiction and poetry. Lighthouse is run on a voluntary basis by a team of editors. You can keep up to date with the latest news, developments and happenings from the Lighthouse team either by visiting our page on Facebook, reading our blog or signing up to the Gatehouse Press mailing list on the right hand side of any page of the website. Lighthouse is aimed a new writing primarily (but not exclusively) emerging from the UK writing scene. We are particularly interested in seeing the experimental as well as the traditional. We are published by Gatehouse Press, an award winning independent press set for new writing. We run on a voluntary basis and not-for-profit. All money made is reinvested in future publications.

If you want to submit work for inclusion in Lighthouse (and we’d very much like you to), we ask that you use our online submission form and familiarise yourself with our submission guidelines. These are intended to make it possible for us, as editors, to read through as many pieces of work as carefully and as thoroughly as we can in the time we have available to us.

We are all very passionate about writing here at Lighthouse and we’d like the work of everyone who sends us submissions to have the same basic chance to show its interest and quality to us. Given that we, as editors, work on a voluntary basis, the electronic submission form and the guidelines below are an important part of our efforts to ensure that this happens.

The editorial team consider all work received and accept that which seems best. We regret that the volume of submissions received and the small size of our staff do not permit us to give individual criticism. We are a magazine devoted to promoting and showcasing new writing. Although we expect that many of our contributors will not have many previous publications, in order to retain our focus on writers at an earlier stage of their careers, we should note that we will not normally print unsolicited submissions from writers with more developed literary careers:

  • For poets, this would normally mean writers who have not already produced a first full collection of poems with a mainstream literary publisher will be given priority.
  • For prose writers, this would normally mean writers who have not yet published a first novel or collection of short fiction will be given priority.
  • For poems, we will not normally be able to print submissions of more than 60 lines in length.
  • For short fiction, we will not normally be able to print submissions of more than 7000 words. We welcome the submission of shorter prose forms, such as flash fiction and micro-fiction. Please do not send us extracts from longer works, such as chapters from novels, unless they are able to stand alone as complete pieces.”


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