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“is a UK based webzine which publishes and reviews poetry, prose, prose-poetry, word & image pieces and everything in between. Our tastes are eclectic and magpie-like and we aim to publish something new every day. We try to keep waiting-time short, but because of increased submissions, the current waiting time between submission and publication is around twenty weeks. There is only one editor and she unfortunately only has one pair of eyes, so please bear with her. Sometimes she needs to leave the safety of her desk.
1. We ONLY accept submissions by email.

2. Send your submission of 3-5 pieces of work to Helen Ivory at and include the words IS&T SUBMISSION in the subject line. [please cut and paste email address – it’s a spam avoidance technique…]

3. Please include a short biographical note – 30-to-40 words max – about yourself in the THIRD PERSON. You may include links to publications or your blog or your website. Max 2 links. If your publication is available from Amazon UK we will provide a link to it on that site. (For further details see the Amazon Associates page.) We also recommend that you Like/Follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you use social media. If we have a Twitter @username for you, we will automatically ‘mention’ it when we tweet about your work. Please let us know if you DO NOT want us to do this.

4. Your submissions can be within the body of the email or as a Word or RTF file attachment – but no macros or .EXE files. If you are sending a graphic, including haiga, then PDF and JPEG files are fine. IF YOU ARE SENDING AN ATTACHMENT, PLEASE COPY AND PASTE ALL PIECES OF WORK INTO ONE FILE.

5. Please note the maximum word length we will publish is 750 words.

6. Contributors must accept full responsibility for the accuracy of their spelling as (a) we can’t spell and (b) you may be using terms of art or unusual spelling deliberately.

7. Please DO NOT submit work that includes copyright material (such as pictures) belonging to other people/third parties unless you can supply us with written authorisation by that person/third party.

8. As the author you retain full copyright in your work. By submitting a piece of prose or poetry to us, you are merely granting IS&T a non-exclusive right (or ‘bare licence’) to reproduce your work.

9. Unlike many magazines, webzines and competition organizers we don’t care if a piece has been previously published elsewhere – providing the author still retains copyright.

10. The one caveat we do make is no simultaneous submission please (and that includes work also being submitted to competitions) if only because it causes us unnecessary aggro when, having accepted a piece, the author then gets it accepted elsewhere in one of those ‘previously unpublished’ outfits and wants to unsubmit it to us – or else even asks us to delete from the webzine a piece we have already published.

11. We do not give critical reviews of submissions. For that please use our Feedback Service.

12. While nothing is sacred – and we will consider ‘political/current affairs’ contributions – we do reserve the right to reject any submission we feel is deliberately offensive or actionable.

13. We do not pay for submissions – we have no money.

14. And please be patient, it’s just me here reading all of the submissions. I normally try to get back to you within eight weeks.”


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