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Hotel is a magazine for new approaches to fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Hotel features new work from established authors and emerging talent.

Hotel provides the space for experimental reflection on literature’s role as “art” and cultural mediator.

Hotel #1 includes new work by Will Eaves, Jane Yeh and Eley Williams. Our second issue (autumn 2016) will feature work by Wayne Koestenbaum, Amanda DeMarco and Mary Margaret Rinebold.

Hotel also publishes work online in the Hotel archive.


Hotel #1 was launched on June 24th at The Function Room. Visit our website for more details.


Hotel will open for submissions for issue #3 in August 2016. Submissions for Hotel Online are on-going. For more details on how to submit  please see the submission guidelines on our website or contact us directly.

Find us on twitter and Facebook.


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