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“The Frogmore Press was founded by Andre Evans and Jeremy Page at the Frogmore tea-rooms in Folkestone in 1983. The Press has published hundreds of writers in its now bi-annual magazine The Frogmore Papers and also in individual collections and anthologies.

Submission guidelines

4 – 6 poems is usually enough; or a couple of pieces of prose (short stories, novel extracts).
It helps if you’ve seen the magazine and know the sort of work we tend to favour.
Very long poems and very short poems have more to do than poems of an average length (say, 20 -80 lines).
We’re unlikely to have room for very long short stories. 2,000 words is generally plenty.
Poems where the form drives the meaning are unlikely to find favour.
Poems written by people who clearly haven’t read any poetry since Wordsworth will not find favour.
Prose may be experimental or traditional, but is unlikely to be accepted if it’s either very experimental or very traditional.
We only appear twice a year and, having been around a while, receive a very large number of submissions. You may need to try us more than once.
Please be patient when awaiting a reply.”


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