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“is a free online literary magazine featuring mainly poetry, along with reviews, interviews, feature articles and occasional literary prose. We originate in a geographical sense from the UK Midlands, and also now the South-West, but maintain an international flavour and outlook. Literary contributions and dialogue are welcome from anyone, wherever you are in the world.

Readers are particularly welcome at Epicentre. Please feel free to leave comments and start dialogues about literature where moved to do so. Though please note, comments are moderated. Spammers and overly verbose, libellous, obscene, off-topic or just plain nasty comments will be subject to removal without warning.

Fiction: Send up to 5000 words of prose fiction. We are unlikely to look with any interest on work which is not literary in nature. This does not, however, exclude literary genre writing. A space travel story told poetically would be an example. If your work is longer than 5000 words but not excessively so, send it anyway but point this out in your covering note, so we don’t assume from your submission that you can’t follow simple instructions.”



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