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Out Now! Issue 2 of Control magazine! Jun 30

Control Literary Magazine is a free online magazine dedicated to giving you the best literature and artwork from new writers and artists.



Control Literary Magazine was formed in 2014 with the intent of bringing lovers of literature together to both read and write.

Control is, quite literally, about taking control. Writing offers us the opportunity to hammer out our emotions in a way that is not otherwise possible. We search for the writers who, after ages of searching, have found the perfect medium in which to be themselves and with this discovery, fuel passion into their writing.

Literature is not the only thing we love here at Control, though. We want crisp visual art that sends a message and stirs emotion in our audience. So if visual art is your forte, this might be the place for you.


Any inquiries should be sent to

We can also be contact via Twitter (Controllitmag) and Facebook (Control Literary Magazine)


Our submission guidelines can be found here:

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