New February Faces at Writing Short Fiction

Today is a start of the month updating for Writing Short Fiction, with two experienced and successful writers joining the already formidable collection of writers on site.

Sue Moorcroft is a successful novelist, short story writer, competition judge and fiction editor, most recently of Writer’s Forum.   She has been kind enough to contribute a piece called ‘Hints and Tips for short story competition entries’ to the WSF Tips from the Top section, and in view of her long experience of judging various competitions, her advice is well worth having.

Jeanette Sheppard is a successful short story and flash fiction writer, and she has contributed not only a prize-winning story called ‘No Glitter or Sparkle Allowed’ to the Champion Fiction section, but also a piece on ‘Writing in a Child’s Voice’ to Tips from the Top. All good stuff, and well worth checking out, for anyone with an interest in writing or reading good short fiction.

As for me, a welcome and interesting challenge has come my way, and I’ve taken the offered opportunity to join the editorial staff of the literary magazine, Linnet’s Wings, which has published both my fiction and my poetry in the past. I have a particular brief to encourage new writers, which is a role I think I will enjoy. 2015 well up and running!

A site for sore eyes

I’m Bruce Harris and I’m now, I’m happy to say, a published writer of short fiction and poetry. My collection ‘First Flame’ was published in 2013 and includes twenty five stories which have all won prizes, commendations or listings in U.K. competitions, and last year this was followed up by an anthology of published and award-winning poems called ‘Raised Voices’.

I’m also the editor and compiler of Writing Short Fiction, which is aimed at helping people who are where I was when I first decided to make a serious effort at creative writing. The sore eyes in my title can be the lot of aspiring writers everywhere when they’re up against it, as it’s so easy to be in the writing business. I was already retired when I started seriously writing fiction; I’d written educational research-based articles for various papers, including a couple of national dailies, and I thought transferring would be not too difficult.  Ahem. I needed help, particularly when my first efforts were greeted with the blank silence which the internet can do so well. Few of us can do it all on our own, and the more help sites there are around, the better. The short fiction scene is not exactly awash with them.

This one, Short Stops, offers enormous amounts of stuff in all sorts of ways, and my heartfelt congratulations to Tania for putting it together. Thanks also for allowing me to mention another help site, with advice, resources, questionnaires, and most recently, prize-winning fiction contributed by eleven writers. There is also a Tips from the Top section, in which these writers offer their thoughts, techniques, exercises etc. in many different aspects of the short fiction genre. Worth a visit?  Why not?  It’s right there at Writing Short Fiction – no memberships, no passwords required. Be my guest!