The A3 Press is Open for Business

a3 press logoThe A3 Press has just launched it’s first two chapbook titles, and three more will be released by the end of March 2019. Created by the folks who publish The A3 Review, The A3 Press will publish 10-12 chapbooks every year.

We are open for submissions, and are looking for prose, poetry and artwork that tackles what it’s like to be alive at this point in history. We celebrate urgent work that might struggle to find a traditional home, work that’s lyrical and intense, a bit weird, hybrid and experimental. We also welcome work that’s traditionally beautiful. Please visit our Submittable page for full details. Deadline for chapbook submissions is 31 May 2019.

You can see our first chapbook titles here.

The A3 Review continues to run it’s monthly contests and to publish two issues every year. To be in the running to qualify for our next issue, Issue 10, enter our February contest on the theme of Romance. Full details here.

We look forward to reading your work, and do get in touch with any queries:

New Small Press: The A3 Press

a3 press logoThe A3 Review is launching The A3 Press, a new small press for short stories, poetry and artwork. All our titles will be printed in our signature map-fold format. Click here for all the details and find us at

Think of us as a chapbook press, a place for work that might struggle to find a traditional home, work that’s lyrical and intense, maybe a bit weird, hybrid, experimental. We also welcome work that’s traditionally beautiful. We like work that is urgent, that says something about what it’s like to be alive at this point in history.

Our first six titles will appear in early 2019. We’ll then publish six new titles every six months.

Deadline for manuscript submission is 20th November. Visit our Submittable page, where you can also find details about our regular monthly contests and The A3 Review.

We’re excited to see where this new publishing adventure takes us and look forward to reading and seeing your work. Please do get in touch with any questions you may have.

MacGuffin – a Jukebox for Literature

MacGuffin Logo LexiaComma Press, the Manchester-based independent publisher, has launched MacGuffin, a self-publishing platform with an emphasis on short stories and poetry.

MacGuffin hosts content in text and audio form. Authors upload the text of their story along with a reading, so end-users can read the text or stream the audio.


The audio doesn’t have to be professionally recorded, and in fact, many poems and stories on MacGuffin have a homemade feel – recorded on a smartphone, with birdsong in the background, or a dog barking somewhere.

#shortstories #10minuteread #feminist #bristol #epiphany  

#daisysfavouriteshorts #manchestersfbookclub

MacGuffin uses tags to help readers themselves curate content. Anyone can add tags to anyone else’s story, to describe it or add it to a reading list. You can search for content with tags (e.g. search the tags ‘shortstories’ and ’15minutelisten’, to select short stories that are 15 minutes long, or the tag ‘nature’ to find stories and poems about nature).

tag search

Tags also mean you can make a playlist, rather like how people used to make mix-tapes for friends; just tag several stories or poems with a unique tag to create a list.

MacGuffin also has open analytics, so writers and readers can see anonymised data about where in the world stories are being read (‘fuzified’, for privacy), reader completion-rates for stories, and even drop-out graphs, showing where readers quit a story before finishing it (which Comma hope will be a useful self editing tool).


MacGuffin’s available as a website (, and as an Android App (in beta), with an iPhone app to follow.