Dreams 1 Podcast

White Rabbit’s latest podcast is FREE and here!

Featuring these amazing stories on the subject of DREAMS

dream girl


“The Burning Pier” by Ray Morgan
“Six Dreams It’s Possible To Have” by Joel Shea
“Dream Lover” by Angela Smith
“Dreams?” by Thomas Jancis
“The Dream of the Dead” by Belinda May

One more to come before summer’s over

Sweet dreams…..



Midnight Feast – Christmas Eve Ghost Stories

it's behind you....

it’s behind you….

White Rabbit presents, in the grand tradition of Christmas Eve ghost stories, this collection of spooky tales for 24th December. Recorded in a (supposedly) haunted Victorian school in Deptford, LONDON SE8.

Including these wonderful stories:

A Long Weekend Stay by Elizabeth Philips Scott
Friday 13th by Mike Murphy
A Visit to the Mad Prince by Vincent Manda
The Harrow by James Chisholm
The House by Alan McCormick
The Prisoner of Portmeirion by Zac Thraves

Read by Bernadette Russell and Gareth Brierley

You can listen to our podcast FREE here. Thanks for all your support this year, Merry Yuletide, Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2016 to all xxx

Aunt Maeve insisted on coming to Christmas dinner, even though she was dead....

Aunt Maeve insisted on coming to Christmas dinner, even though she was dead….

White Rabbit presents Heroes and Villains podcast

video killed the radio star....

video killed the radio star…

White Rabbit is proud to bring you our long-awaited Midnight Feast “Heroes and Villains” podcast- featuring short stories from these amazing writers:

Van Demal, Michael Spring, Julie Baloo, Nigel Munson, Ahmed Siddiqui, Alan McCormick, Ruth Sedar, Stephen Keyworth, Molly Sweeney , Robert Pallot, Paul Golden. Stories read by Bernadette Russell and Gareth Brierley

You can listen in here, the podcasts will be available on Wednesday 18th and Wednesday 25th November.

Many thanks and happy listening…


All the world is waiting for you….



Off With Her Head!

White Rabbit presents the last in a series of three Alice-inspired podcasts- “Off With Her Head!” is free to listen and download here

and featuring the following stories and poems: “The Wonderland Mystery” by Geoffrey Heptonstall, “WHOAMIIAMWHO” by Su Au, “Emily Webb” by David Morgan, “The Adventure” by Katherine Hayes and “Danny Bone” by David Morgan. Read by Gareth Brierley and Bernadette Russell.

Alice - celebrating 150 years

“Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast”

Free to download/listen to is the next White Rabbit podcast featuring stories from Eddy Dreadnought, Steve Folan and B J Ellson. This is the second in our series of podcasts inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The third and final episode “Off With Their Heads” will be out in June.

Happy listening! You can find it here

Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland


White Rabbit presents: We’re All Mad Here

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, White Rabbit presents the first of our FREE podcasts “WE’RE ALL MAD HERE”. Featuring stories inspired by Alice written by Julie Balloo, Tristram Hanks, Rachel Malham and Amanda C Cox, and read by Gareth Brierley and Bernadette Russell.


The podcast can be found here and on iTunes. More to come in May and June…. we can’t get enough of Alice!

Selected Tragedy, Submissions Call and (Tragic) Winter is Coming

You may be interested in helping the Storylines team create theatre from News on the first Friday of every month and if you are follow @ampersandmedia on twitter and get involved. The next Storylines is on 6th February.


Stand Up Tragedy has been taking a break from our live shows but over on the podcast we’ve been producing  Selected Tragedy which are themed collections of highlights from three years of tragedy:


Our next live show will be Tragic Winter at the Hackney Attic on Saturday 28th February.

Stand Up Tragedy aims to make audiences laugh until they cry and cry until they laugh. It’s a regular live show and podcast where people stand up and tell tragedy. We make you sad; we make you think; we make you smile. Expect music, comedy, fiction, spoken word, true stories and more, all playing up to the tragic form but not always taking it too seriously. The night ends, not with a whimper, not with a bang, but with a cathartic sing-a-long.

At Stand Up Tragedy we combine established acts like Stewert Lee, Josie Long, Eddie Pepitone, Grace Petrie, Rob Auton, Sara Pascoe and Andy Zaltzman with new and upcoming acts in an evening of tragic variety based around a theme. Performers often write new material especially for the night and relish the opportunity to put a tragic spin on what they do. The nights are recorded and put out as a weekly podcast.

Call for Submissions:

Earlier this year we relaunched the SUT blog with an updated look and a new focus. Like its raucous live counterpart, the Stand Up Tragedy blog will be a place find the humour of hurt, the tickle of tragedy and mirth of misfortune. Selected work will posted each Friday beginning 1st August and promoted via the Stand Up Tragedy London monthly events, the podcast and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

What: short stories (fiction and non-fiction), flash fiction, poetry, and experimental form (that can be digitally distributed) that fits with the theme of tragedy. Or tragicomedy. Or comitragedy.  Ideal length is 250-1000 words, though shorter pieces, and longer work that can be serialised, will be considered. Editorial support or feedback can be offered to those who request it.

Format: Word doc or docx – double spaced—name and title on every page and paginated, please.

Deadline: Rolling.

Please email to akshoosmith@gmail.com with “SUT Submission” in the subject line.

In the press:

“Laugh? I Nearly Died: The Rise of Stand-Up Tragedy” (Independent, July 2012)

“Stand-Up Tragedy” (London Word, January 2013)

One of the Guardian’s “Ten Great Storytelling Nights” (March 2014)

“Stand-up comedy with Sophocles and Justin Bieber during World Cup football” (John Fleming, June 2014)