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“The best as well as the best printed literary magazine going.”—Jeremy Noel-Tod, University of East Anglia

“Then suddenly, there I was, reading the new edition of the excellent Cambridge Literary Review, enjoying poetry from Genoa and very much enjoying Eight Poems from the Nicaraguan by Nicholas Moore (enough of a selection to give you a general idea of the CLR)”—Peter Stothard, editor of the Times Literary Supplement

“This is my kind of production: essays on Hume and Hegel rubbing shoulders with poems by Stephen Rodefer, Andrea Brady, Drew Milne, and other luminaries of experimental British poetry.”—Robert Archambeau, Lake Forest College

The Cambridge Literary Review is a triannual (termly) print magazine of poetry, short fiction and criticism. It is edited by Lydia Wilson and Rosie Šnajdr.


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