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“is an online and physical publication promoting new writing. The project was started by friends who met through a mutual love of the work of Richard Brautigan. Each month we organise a social gathering to celebrate the release of a new zine. Past events have included Crystal Palace dinosaurs, Tring Natural History Museum, a petting zoo we didn’t know was there, a secret nuclear bunker, paddle boating and the pub. Join our mailing list for details of future events and news.

An anthology of work will be published by BFP in 2014. We are currently looking for submissions in a range of shapes and form.
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Richard Brautigan was a 20th Century American writer. Known for his distinct style, Brautigan’s canon of literary ingenuity traverses novels, poetry, short stories, flash fiction and even packets of seeds. Trout Fishing in America is his most popular work (alas, it has very little to do with trout fishing).

“Excuse me, I said. I thought you were a trout stream. I’m not, she said.”

– Richard Brautigan, Trout Fishing in America

We publish a zine every month and so far you’ve missed boating, nuclear bunker, sexy and/or erotic whispers and extinction themes. Bummer. But all is not lost. There’s still time to pinch the whistle, wreck the dot. Close crease. Dodge the fold. Mop luck. Pierce the wharf, wipe frame. Suck the fossil. You get it. It’s all over the second we ride up Troy’s bucket. Is your heart in it? If you’re Bill Paxton then cool but are you going to submit something good? Send us your magic or eels, okay.

We are looking for new writing and although we have tended to publish fiction and poetry we’re open to non-fiction or any bastard combination of the above that we find interesting. Whatever length, no sonnets please, and don’t just go writing your sonnets as if they’re long form because we’ll know. We like to shove pictures in there too so send us visuals of various kinds (we’ve published drawings, paintings, screen grabs, macros, photos so far any the list can only grow).

Email your stuff to:

If you’re published we’ll shower you in zines and an original drawing by Encouraging Craig. Cool days.”

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