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Submissions open for Issue 2: Poppies Feb 14

Brain of Forgetting’s First Issue: Stones Jan 18

Brain of Forgetting is a new Irish journal that publishes poetry, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art. The title is drawn from the Irish legend of Cenn Fáelad, who lost his ‘brain of forgetting’ when his skull was split open by a sword-blow in battle. Cenn Fáelad developed a photographic memory for historical and legal information, which he wrote out in verse and prose on tablets. The journal honours his legacy by providing a forum for work that engages with archaeology, history, and memory, while recognising that pure, neutral historical fact does not exist in itself: the human (mis)understanding of history is not only susceptible to forgetting, but also a natural tendency to impose a narrative structure on the past and invest it with meanings determined by the present. The process of ‘digging’ into the past and uncovering new meaning is nonetheless vital to individual and collective social identity, and Brain of Forgetting hopes to address this need by negotiating the boundaries between past and present, creative imagination and historic record, and lyricism and bare-boned data.
Submissions are welcome from international writers and artists of all levels of background and experience. An interest is also taken in the creative work of those who make the past their profession, such as archaeologists, historians, and geologists.
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