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Arkbound is proud to present Boundless, a new Bristol-based magazine that contains a range of exciting articles, creative writing, artistic pieces and investigative journalism.

Available both online and in hard copy, the magazine can be purchased from approved vendors as well as from selected venues for just £1.60. As part of our distribution model, we allow unemployed and homeless people to acquire the magazine at (or less than) half price – thereby allowing them to make an income.

Boundless reports on environmental issues (Arkbound is a member of the Climate Change News Network and Earth Journalism Network), community organisations, and socio-political developments (including from genuine investigations by the Arkbound team). There are over also over 8 pages of creative writing and artistic pieces, from embroidery and graffiti to articles and short stories.

Boundless welcomes contributions and provides a platform for new or aspiring writers and artists to exhibit their work. Many of these can be entered freely into one of the Arkbound competitions. Others we will consider for full sponsorship if they wish to publish through us. We are especially interested in material that concerns, or at least touches upon, pressing environmental or social issues. This may be in a creative or journalistic form.

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