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Black & BLUE

Is a creative writing organisation based in Manchester & London. It was founded to be a fresh counterpoint to the conventional literary scene, & to champion truly new writing: writing which is going somewhere really different. It puts out interesting paper publications full of drama & poetry, prose & other. But it is more interested in blurring these categories, allowing them to bleed into each other, permeate each other & exchange identities: The drama of what’s prosaic, the other inside poetry. The way prose can become like poetry. The way really radical writing has all these things in flux. It sources writing from all over & is keen to publish people who haven’t been published before & especially those who don’t even consider themselves poets or writers. IT Also wants to question what is considered ‘literary writing’, & show that some really incredible writing just emerges by accident, like in tweets, lists, notes & facebook statuses, all of which it publishes directly alongside more conventional forms. But it also wants to affirm the tradition of poetry & suggest that poetic language isn’t pretentious, but has a real capacity to rise to our times.

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