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Bold and bare spoken word squeezed between the record stacks and book shelves of Vinyl Fiction in Chorlton, South Manchester. Gutsy fiction feuds profound poetry, while bleeding edge monologues scrap with biting non-fiction, all held together by the dreamweaver hosts, Alistair McDowall and David Hartley. There’s cheap beers to be had from the neighbouring bar, tempting trinkets to be bought from the shop, and prizes to be won at the half-time game. Ramshackle and rambunctious, never knowingly smooth, this is live literature at its most energetic.

All writer types welcome on stage. 5-7 minute reading slots can be claimed with nothing but a simple email to Eyes peeled for the collector’s item posters. Follow the Instagram.

Keep them words big.


Big Words

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Vinyl Fiction, Chorlton

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