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“We want your work to reach out, grab us by the hand and immerse us fully into your world from the very start. Whether it’s flash fiction of a 100 – 1000 words or short stories of up to 5000 words, we have space for it in our magazine. We will look at submissions in most genres except Erotica.

Bare Fiction will be independently published three times a year, with issues in March, July & November, plus a special launch issue in December 2013We do not charge a reading fee for submissions to the magazine. We want our readers to discover genre-defying boldness from exciting writers in poetry, fiction and plays, literary review, interviews and commentary. To that end, we need prose, poetry and play texts that instantly grab our minds and take us on extraordinary literary journeys. If your work is competently written but doesn’t have the kind of depth that makes the readers work just that little bit harder, then it’s probably not for us. We want you to make peoples eyes open wider and their minds race with excitement as they feast on your words.

We read work in the English language all year round, therefore we aim to respond quickly (usually within 28 days). Though we do accept simultaneous submissions, please do keep in mind this time frame when submitting and ensure that you contact us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Likewise, if we are unable to accommodate your writing in our pages, we will let you know in plenty of time should you wish to submit elsewhere. If you have not heard from us within 50 days, please do get in touch to enquire as to the status of your submission. Please do not send more than one active submission at a time. We do not accept translations or work that have been previously published in print. If your work has been published online then you must state in your cover letter all details of the prior publication, including web page url and contact details so that we can attribute prior publication accordingly.

Contributors will receive a digital copy of the magazine issue in which their submission is printed.” PRINT