Submit for Anniversary Issue!

JU LIt-zine is one year old! So for Issue 12 we have a special cover…!issue-12/c10hh The cover features the great film by artists Who gave us permission to use it (And even let Nick mess with the music!) SO have a look. Living in a…Silent world. And get inspired to submit!

New Issue and short story comp

Jotters United

Issue 3 out now! http://jottersutd.

To celebrate our new e-zine, we are pleased to announce a


From the high standard of submissions we’ve received and published on Jotters United so far, we know there are lots of talented writers out there and we want you to have a go at our competition. If you win, your work will be published in issue 5 of Jotters United. The talented winner will also receive three books. Full details below.

How to enter.

The title and theme of your of your piece should be Spirit,or,

use the photo below for inspiration and create your own title.

2014-04-09 11.28.50

How to submit your entry: E-mails please to

Words: Maximum 2000.

Deadline: Saturday May 31st

Judges: The entries will be read anonymously by all four of the Jotters United management team.

We can’t wait to hear from you-so get writing!

Jotters United team x

Prize Details:

Your story published in issue 5 of Jotters United, plus, you will win these three books:

The exciting new Edwardian crime thriller


Conversations with Sprits, (signed) by E.O. Higgins.

The Trade -Karen Taylor-E-book.

Travelling for the hell of it-Nick Gerard -E-book

New Issue out

Jotters United has Issue two out already.!issue-2/c1q8i

Open for submissions for future Issues.!submit/c24cc

Any topic, Short fiction or a couple of poems.

New magazine just up and running,

trying to give writers a chance to get their best stuff published.

Pat King: God Virus, Issue 2.

I was just not built for this world…

Exhaustion, a sort of paralysis. Lying on the couch after work, no need to get up until it’s time to go to bed. Exhausted but can’t fall asleep. Toss in bed. This ain’t narcolepsy. Watch TV, grow fat, let the exhaustion do its thing.

Or submit to us! And save yourself.