Submit your writing to Popshot Magazine’s ‘Light’ issue

Popshot Magazine is now open for short fiction and poetry submissions for its 18th issue. Find out what their editors are looking for below:

With seventeen beautiful issues under our belt (you can see them all here), we’re hoping to make our eighteenth edition the brightest and most brilliant one yet.

Light has a multitude of meanings and (nearly) all of them are positive. They cover illumination, enlightenment, weightlessness, discovery and delicateness. This is what we would love to fill this issue with: fiction and poetry that gifts our readers with a more vibrant view of the world. In our most recent issue, a prose poem called Giraffe by Bryony Littlefair quietly embodied this feeling of tiptoeing towards the light. The positive reaction from readers all over the world was a joy to observe, and for the Light issue, we would love to see more of it.

If you’re interested in seeing your writing published and illustrated in Popshot’s eighteenth issue, head to our submit page for the full submissions guidelines. As always, we’re open to contributions from anyone, anywhere in the world. Whether you’ve been published in Popshot before or never been published anywhere, every submission is welcomed and given the time it deserves.

Finally, if you’ve never actually read an issue of Popshot before, we would encourage you to pick one up. In the last four issues of the magazine, two-thirds of our contributors have either been print subscribers, digital subscribers or have read a copy of the magazine before. So, if you would like to increase your understanding of the work we publish — whilst supporting Popshot at the same time — pick up a copy or subscribe.

Submit your writing to Popshot Magazine’s ‘Future’ issue


We are now open for short fiction and poetry submissions for the 17th issue of Popshot.

The future has always been a fascinating concept. It’s the more mysterious, inspiring sibling of the past and present. While the past has been concluded and the present is predictable, the future (especially the distant future) lives only in our heads. It can be whatever we choose it to be. It is the pinnacle of imagination; the ultimate blank canvas to project our dreams, aspirations and fears upon.

The word has been scribbled down on our list of themes for five or six years. Each time we considered it in the lead up to a new issue, there was always another theme that felt more timely. However, global events of the last few months have turned that on its head. Following the recent publication of The Hope Issue, we now can’t think of a theme more timely than this one.

Thus, it is with great excitement and eagerness that we open the doors to literary submissions for our 17th issue on the theme of ‘Future’. For the full submissions guidelines, head to and make sure you send in your short fiction or poetry long before the deadline of January 26th.

To familiarise yourself with the kind of work we publish, buy a copy or subscribe from just £10 a year.

Popshot is now open for short fiction and poetry submissions on the theme of ‘Hope’


Despite having been on our list of potential themes for a while now, there’s something that feels rather timely about the theme of Hope. Although the mainstream media would probably have you think otherwise, it’s not that these are dark times or that hope is needed any more than it has been in the past. This isn’t the first occasion that we’ve had the threat of a lunatic in charge of a major superpower. Or that Britain has been on the cusp of a possible European fallout. Or any other current cause for concern outside of world politics. But for something as inherently timeless as hope, there is something that makes it feel strangely opportune.

Hope treads an intriguing path between darkness and light, positivity and negativity. It is the ground for believing that something good may happen, typically from a place where it hasn’t. And that dynamic from bad to good, wrong to right, dark to light is why we’ve decided to name Hope as the theme of our 16th issue — which is now officially open for literary submissions.

If you would like the opportunity to have your short fiction or poetry published and illustrated in the next issue of Popshot, find out the full submissions guidelines at our submit page:


Literary submissions for Popshot Magazine are now open


After the resounding success of our latest issue of Popshot (which is looking likely to become our bestselling one of all time) we’re even more excited than usual to announce that literary submissions for our forthcoming issue are officially open.

Through The Curious Issue and The Outsider Issue, our last two editions have focused in on the introverted and peculiar sides of humankind. For this issue however, we’re turning the tables and looking to explore the extroverts, the travellers and the adventurers to create a collection of short stories, poems and illustrations that will roar with energy and spirit.

For the full submission guidelines, head to our submit page and make sure that you send in your short fiction or poetry long before the deadline of January 20th. We would also recommend reading the recent article by our editor which shines a light on what kind of writing we’ll be looking out for.

A Call for the ‘Curious’


Despite its questionable reputation for killing cats, curiosity is one of the finest traits of humankind. It was the thing that sent man to the moon, Christopher Columbus to the New World and Alice down the rabbit hole. Curiosity breeds exploration, invention and, on a fairly regular basis, some form of destruction. It is the tentative footstep before the leap into the unknown, and as a result, could be argued to be one of the most intriguing words in the English language.

With that in mind, Popshot has decided to name it as the theme for their forthcoming fourteenth issue, The Curious Issue, which is now open for literary submissions. If you would like the opportunity to have your short fiction or poetry published and illustrated in the next issue of the magazine, find out the full submissions guidelines at Popshot’s submit page — and make sure that you send your work in long before the deadline of July 20th.

Submit to Popshot Magazine’s ‘Outsider’ issue

Submit to Popshot Magazine

Flick to a fresh page and break out a brand new biro dear wordsmiths — Popshot is now open for submissions for its 13th issue, accepting short stories and poems on the theme of ‘Outsider‘.

The word ‘underdog’ has been scrawled on our list of possible themes for years now, but it was only when ‘outsider’ was blurted out as an option that it finally clicked. Outsiders, much like underdogs, make for the greatest stories. They are the black sheep, the long shots, the ones that don’t quite fit the mould. And yet, despite being in the supposed minority, they are everywhere — you just can’t always see them. It’s these people that we hope to explore and celebrate in the forthcoming issue of Popshot: the odd, the unconventional, the unexpected, the outsiders.

If you would like the opportunity to have your short fiction or poetry published and illustrated in the next issue of Popshot, find out the full submissions guidelines at the submit page at our website.

Popshot Magazine is open for literary submissions for its ‘Time’ issue

We’re very pleased to announce that Popshot is now open for submissions of short stories and poems for our 12th issue on the theme of Time. Thanks to its intangible nature, it’s a word that’s drenched in abstraction and fascinating concepts, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what the great minds of today’s literary scene can do with it. If you’re interested in getting your writing into the forthcoming issue of Popshot (and potentially having a piece of your writing illustrated by a professional illustrator) head to the submit page at our website to read the full submissions guidelines.