Battery Pack II now open to submissions

Battery Pack - A Micro-Anthology By Neon Books

Last year Neon Books published the first ever edition of Battery Pack – a tiny anthology of tiny stories, which was distributed free along with the spring issue of Neon Literary Magazine. The finished article featured stories that ranged from horror to tragedy to comedy to just plain weird, and enjoyed a print run of over three-hundred copies. This year I want to do it all over again.

To that end, Battery Pack II is now open to submissions. Stories need to be short, of course, but I’m also looking for original and high-quality writing. Take a look at the first volume for some reference, and then send along your miniature masterpieces via the webform on the guidelines page.

While you’re there, don’t forget to have a look at the most recent issue of Neon. If you subscribe now you’ll receive a free copy of Tracey S Rosenberg’s chapbook The Naming Of Cancer with your first issue. That’s in addition to the free pamphlet Selected Timelines: Past & Future. And all that for only £10 plus postage!

Issue Thirty-Eight Of Neon – Plus Battery Pack Makes Its Debut


The beginning of July saw the publication of not only a new issue of Neon Literary Magazine, but also Neon‘s first ever tiny anthology of micro-fiction Battery Pack. This mini booklet featured stories by David Hartley, Henry Northmore, Sarah Butler, Tamasine Reilley, Jenny Mackenzie, and Tracy Fells. At fewer than five hundred words in length, Battery Pack is a quick but (I hope) stimulating read – and best of all it’s free. The simplest way to get hold of a copy at the moment is to order the current issue of Neon – each copy is despatched with a free Battery Pack. Keep an eye on the site for more information in the very near future.

Neon Literary Magazine itself has also undergone some changes. It is now perfect bound and a full thirty pages longer. This gives me the space to feature longer works and a greater number of writers. Issue 38 for example includes fiction and poetry by Steve Subrizi, Peter Branson, Ian Mullins, Holly Day, Claire Joanne Huxham, Jonathan Greenhause, Mark Vanner, Alina Rios, Sam Preminger, and Huang Kaishan. There’s also an extract from Karen Heuler’s recent novel Glorious Plague, and a beautiful cover image by Diána Farkas Fruzsina.

In order to fill all those extra pages, I’m now looking for more submissions, particularly short stories. If you think you’ve got something that would work well in issue 39, then please do drop by the Guidelines page to find out how to send it along.

Winter Issue Of Neon, And Chapbooks

Neon - Issue 37

I’m not a cigarette I said to the giant cigarette looking suspiciously back at me through the mirror in the truck stop bathroom. The room was filthy, covered in green sludge, and the toilet had committed suicide. There were pieces of brown brain spilling out of the ceramic entry wound. The plunger made some sly remark I couldn’t quite make out, and spontaneously combusted. It smelled delicious.

– From “A Suspicious Cigarette” by Erric Emerson, Issue #37, Neon Literary Magazine

The above is a brief extract from the recently-published winter issue of Neon Literary Magazine. You can read the rest of Erric’s story, as well as the other works featured in the issue, by visiting PDF, EPUB and MOBI editions of the magazine are free, and a print issue costs just £2.50. This edition features the work of Paul Bavister, Shanalee Smith, Noel Williams, Christopher Owen, Tracey S Rosenberg, Erric Emerson, Meg Eden, and Joe Evans.  The cover image is by Timur Cetintas. In its pages you will find guns and knives, nightmarish exam days, a story about Facebook friends and some excellent concrete poetry.

In addition to the new issue, there’re also a number of exciting new projects in the pipeline. At the moment in particular we’re looking for proposals for chapbooks and pamphlets to be published over the next few years. Read more about this, or submit something via the webform at Submissions to Neon are open as well, and if you think you have something that might be right for the magazine please do send it along.

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to add Neon on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or join us on Google+.

Battery Pack Seeks Submissions Of Tiny Fiction

Battery Pack Image

This year Neon will be publishing a number of exciting side projects. The first is Battery Pack – a palm-sized anthology of very short fiction. Battery Pack will be eight pages long and folded from a single sheet of paper. It will be given away for free with the spring issue of Neon, as well as being available for readers anywhere in the world to download, print and fold their own copy.

If you want to get involved you can send in your writing for possible publication. I’m looking for short stories containing no more than seventy-five words at most. I prefer stories where there’s a clear narrative and it’s easy to tell what’s going on. Abstract or purely descriptive pieces are less likely to be selected. I have a slight tendency towards horror, but am happy to read any genre.

To find out more about the project and to submit work please visit Neon‘s website. While you’re there you can check out the latest issue of Neon, which features the work of Paul Ebbs, Simon Collings, Michael Hemmingson, CJ Opperthauser, Amy Schreibman Walter, Dan Coxon, and Helen Addy. The cover image is by Sarah Katharina Kayß. There’s time travel, mannequins, failed attempts at kindness, a haunting retreat to a cabin in the woods, and a trip on board the Anti-Titanic.

Submissions to Neon are also open, and with issue 37 just around the corner now is an excellent time to send in some work for issue 38. Have a quick read of the magazine (you can download it for free in a variety of formats, or purchase a print copy for £2.50) and then send something along!