Stories for Homes vol 2 – open for submissions

What does ‘home’ mean to you? With millions of people driven from their homes all over the world, ‘shelter’ often equates to ‘safety’. Closer to home, at least 120,000 children in the UK were homeless for Christmas 2016. Shelter, the charity that helps people who are homeless or in poor housing, needs our help more than ever.

We’ve been here before, of course. Three years ago, we formed a community to produce an anthology which raised over £3,000 for Shelter. We are now open for submissions for Stories for Homes Volume 2. The plan is to launch the e-book in September 2017 and a paperback version in November 2017. As before, all royalties will go directly to Shelter.

Submission guidelines:

  • Stories (poems also considered) should be between 100 and 3000 words long (not including the title).
  • The theme is HOME.
  • Please send your story as a Word document in an attachment to AND copy in It’s important to send it to both email addresses.
  • DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON THE ATTACHMENT. Submissions will be considered anonymously. All writers are welcome to submit – published, yet-to-be published and those who were included in Stories for Homes Volume One. Anonymous submissions will give a level playing field to all those submitting.
  • The deadline is midnight (UK time) 14th February 2017.

Whether or not your story is accepted for the anthology, there are many ways to get involved with the project. The whole process of creating and marketing the book is a community effort, with artists, photographers, techy experts etc joining with the editors and authors to create a world-class anthology. Most of the conversation takes place in a Facebook group, which is always open to new members. Updates will also be posted on the Stories for Homes website.

Stories for Homes Short Story Anthology

storiesforhomesThanks for giving me the chance to spread the word to short story lovers about the Stories for Homes anthology. This particular story started back in April, when I was invited to a housewarming by the parent of one of my son’s friends. Over a glass of wine (OK, I may be fictionalising there a tad) Sally Swingewood told me about her personal struggles to find a decent home and her plans to raise awareness of the housing crisis, as well as money for a housing charity.

Her plan involved a book. Of short stories. On the theme of home. It would be highly polished and professional. The stories would be of the highest quality but the authors should include both published and emerging writers. Did I want to get involved? Rhetorical question!

I gulped when Sal said she wanted to launch the book in July though. Could it possibly be done? Well, yes, it could, but only if a whole community of volunteers got involved. Before we knew it, we had a website, Facebook group and Twitter a/c. The submissions began flooding in.

With the help of our growing community of supporters, the e-book was published on schedule at the end of July. The paperback was launched last week. With an average of 4.8 stars awarded in reviews on Amazon, we knew we had achieved our aim. Truly, this is a world-class anthology and. most importantly, Shelter was receiving some serious money. We’ve already raised over £1000 in royalties.

This post is part of a Book Blast to try to get #storiesforhomes trending. Thanks for reading this post, thanks for sharing it, thanks for supporting Shelter, thanks for buying this book. Your reward is 63 world-class short stories and the warm fuzzy glow you get from knowing your money has gone to support Shelter in their vital work to help those people who need their services the most.