Arvon is Running a Flash Fiction Twitter Competition

On Saturday February 27th, Arvon will run a science-fiction-flash-fiction twitter competition inspired by Bare Lit’s Afrofuturism panel.

Writers can submit their short-short-fiction (140 character or less) on Twitter by using the #6wordscifi hashtag or by visiting the Arvon stall at Bare Lit on Saturday February 27th. Writers are encouraged to write about utopiasdystopiaspossible futures and Afrofuturism.

The winner, who will be judged internally and announced on Tuesday March 1st, will receive a £100 Arvon gift voucher.

Besides your short short fiction, here are some other ideas for using the hashtag on the day but obviously the sky and your imagination are the only limits:

–         To raise awareness of any flash fiction courses, workshops, competition you might be involved in

–         To get involved in the Afrofuturism debate which will no doubt be sparked by the brilliant panel organised by Bare Lit

–         To share your favourite work of Flash Fiction


The hashtag to use on Saturday February 27th is: #6wordscifi

Happy writing!

Arvon Short Story Courses 2016

Intense, challenging, funny, beautiful; despite their diminutive size, the best short stories linger long beyond the final line. Arvon, renowned for its residential creative writing courses in countryside locations, is offering a series of 5 day residential short story courses in both Devon and Shropshire. From unpacking the transporting nature of stories to understanding the literary history of this genre through to learning how to craft technically proficient yet imaginative narratives and collections, our short story programme offers opportunities and inspiration to both the new and the more experienced writer. Pioneering this year is also a Flash Fiction course. Tutors include Comma Press editor Jim Hinks, short story writers Tania Hershman, David Swann and Tod Wodicka. Grants are available to help with course fees. More info here