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 CFS: Another North

Another North is a new online platform for writing from, or set in the North of England. We also consider submissions from North Wales and Scotland. We are dedicated to showcasing new and exciting writing.

If you are from the North of England, you may submit writing with any subject – it does not matter if you still live there, and your writing does not have to explicitly be about the North.

If you live in the North of England but were not born there, the same as above applies.

If you are neither from or live in the North, you may still submit writing, but it must include a Northern setting, tone or character.

We are looking for fiction and essays between 1500 and 5000 words, as well as poetry (no word count minimum or maximum).

Your submission must include a cover letter which includes your contact information and a short bio, as well as how you comply with the above submission requirements.

For full submission guidelines, and details on how to submit, please visit our submission page.