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a love letter to the written word.

A small press publication with its eyes set on the stars? A zine with delusions of grandeur? A collective and collaborative diary of contemporary culture? Annexe is probably all of the above. It is certainly much more than the sum of its parts. Annexe is group of not so like-minded people, all with a love of story telling. We hope to create a place, both online and in print, in publication and in performance, where writing can thrive. Language is communication and we just want to say…

We are currently open to submissions for the website and in print. If you would like to submit an article, short story or poem, please send a copy of your document as an attachment in an email to with SUBMISSION in the subject line. We post articles and fiction online every week and we consider all work for this. The Annexe Introducing Series is published, in print, every four months. If you would like to be considered for this, add ‘Annexe Introducing’ to the subject line of your submission email. In rare cases, we take on full novels to publish in print. With a full editorial service, we aim to only release work of the highest standard. Please do send the first three chapters of your manuscript if you would be interested in working with us.

We are looking for poets and writers who are looking to  work towards publication. If you are interested in being published by Annexe Press please send a selection of five poems, three short stories or the opening three chapters of a longer work in an attachment to Please include a short blurb about yourself in the body of the email and write PUBLICATION in the subject line.” PRINT & EZINE

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