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“Quarterly, 96 page magazine that prints original poetry, short fiction, art and reviews. Established in 1959, and with subscribers all over the world, Ambit is put together entirely from unsolicited, previously unpublished poetry and short fiction submissions. When we say unpublished we mean completely original, never been on your blog, never been on a website and certainly never been in print. Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we are only able to print about 1 to 3% of the work that comes in. So how do you get into that narrow band? First, get to know Ambit before you submit. Is your work a good fit? What sort of thing does Ambit print? Buy a copy to find out . . . If you decide your work is right for us then send us 3-6 poems, or 1 story up to 5000 words in length. We’re enthusiastic about very short fiction too, under 1000 words. We accept work twice a year, in February and September, via Submittable: . We read everything carefully, but don’t have capacity to give feedback unless you were very (very!) close indeed. We look forward to hearing from you!”