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The A3 ReviewThe A3 Review is a magazine that behaves like a map and is created by the people who make Writing Maps, those illustrated fold-out posters of creative writing prompts and story ideas. The prose and poetry in The A3 Review is drawn from the winning entries of a monthly writing contest. Two winners per month, over six months, are then published in the magazine that comes out twice a year.

Winning entries make up a shortlist of 12 writers who are then in the running for cash prizes: 1st = £150, 2nd = £75, and 3rd = £50.

The A3 Review is edited by the writers Shaun Levin and KM Elkes. Issue #1 launched in September 2014.

Order a copy of The A3 Review here.

Everything in The A3 Review is written in response to a themed monthly contest. Word limit is 150. It’s quick and short and intense, and we aim to keep publishing brief and energetic work in a format that’s easy to carry around.The A3 Review Issue 2

Click here for more details about the contest and sign up here to the monthly Writing Maps newsletter for updates.

We hang out mainly on Twitter and a bit on Facebook. Come say hi.

If you want to write to us directly, we’re at


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