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The A3 ReviewThe A3 Review is a magazine that behaves like a map and is created by the people who make Writing Maps. The prose, poetry and artwork in The A3 Review is compiled from the winning entries of a monthly writing contest. Two winners per month, over six months, are then published in the magazine. The A3 Review is published twice a year.

Winning entries make up a shortlist of 12 writers and artists who are then in the running for cash prizes: 1st = £250, 2nd = £150, and 3rd = £75.

The A3 Review launched in September 2014 and is edited by the writer Shaun Levin.

You can order a copy of The A3 Review here.

Everything in The A3 Review is written in response to a themed monthly contest. Word limit is 150. It’s quick and short and intense, and we aim to keep publishing brief and energetic work in a format that’s easy to carry around.The A3 Review Issue 2

Click here for more details about the contest and sign up here to The A3 Review‘s newsletter.

Find us on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to write to us directly, we’re at

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