Story Cities Flash Fiction Anthology

Submissions invited of flash fiction from 1-500 words, in any genre, on the subject of the city, to be published in the anthology Story Cities. Deadline for submissions 16 September 2018.

The city is a place where populations meet and strangers pass one another. Where stories are created, told, remembered and discarded. We are looking for tiny stories that are rich in plot and character – exploring the city through the journeys we take; the situations we encounter; the dialogues and connections we make. This will be a book that readers can take to any city and every city, in order to experience it through stories and imagine it differently.

If you are interested in submitting a flash fiction to our book, please go to our website for full guidelines on what we are looking for and how to submit.

Story Cities is a collaborative research project initiated by lecturers at the University of Greenwich, London – Rosamund Davies, Senior Lecturer in Media and Creative Writing, and Kam Rehal, Senior Lecturer in Graphic and Digital Design.

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