5 thoughts on “LISP-Flash Fiction Competition

  1. I am such a dufus! Been around since the days of envelopes and postmen! and don’t know how to submit a story to LISP…..do I have to, er, email/copy scan…or can I do it the old-fashioned way in an envelope???? tinamorrispoet@yahoo.co.uk

  2. Go to their website. Link is at the top of this blog. There, you’ll find the most ridiculous set of rules for entry you’ll ever see.

    • 🙂 well, you can find the similar types of rules elsewhere as well, they are basic rules to attend a competition actually,
      and here are those rules:


      How to Enter

      1-Please make sure you’ve read the Policies , Terms&Conditions , submitting this competition will mean that you accept our conditions.

      2-Have your entry file on your computer and ready for submission. Acceptable file types are doc Word documents. The file name must be the title of your piece. If your work does not have a title, then the file name must be the first three words of your piece.

      3-Do not state your identity on your file, no names and no email accounts, please. Judges will read the stories anonymously.

      4-Please write your word count in the file, and ensure it is up to 300 words without the title.

      5-Choose from one of the PayPal buttons above, depending on how many entries you want to make and click on it.

      5-Pay using your PayPal account or using your Credit/Debit card. If you pay by Credit/Debit card.

      5-Check your email for your PayPal receipt email.

      6-‘Forward’ the email to us for submitting.

      7-‘Attach’ your entry file(s) to the email.

      8-‘Send’ your entry to the following address: entry@londonindependentstoryprize.co.uk

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