July Round-Up II

Lit Mags

We’re delighted to welcome FOUR new lit mags to our list, do check them out:

Dopplegänger: “x 6 short stories, in print, twice a year. x 3 of those stories will be realist. x 3 will be magical realist.”
Ellipsis Zine: “an online publication for beautifully written fiction & creative nonfiction. 1,000 words or fewer, any genre.”
Idle Ink: “an independent zine published in Hull which features the weird and wonderful inner workings of emerging creatives”
Palm-Sized Press: “a small independent press based in the North East of England, which accepts writing from all over the world.”

And Dopplegänger has already blogged with a call for submissions. Fictive Dreamwould also like your stories, and Shooter magazine has opened submissions for its next issue, ‘New Life’. DNA mag wants your submissions for Issue 2 by tonight, Monday July 24th.


Live Lit

Flashers Club announces its next event, on Aug 3rd, in Cheltenham. There are more Smut Slams around the country this summer. Talking Tales is still open to submissions for its 15th event, on Aug 12th in Bristol.

Anthologies & Pamphlets

V. Press is open for flash pamphlet submissions until tonight, July 24th, and Normal Deviation is seeking short stories based on one weird pic.

Competitions & Courses

Reflex Fiction brings us Autumn news about its flash fiction contests. Writers HQ has an online course for anyone whose short story might want to be a novel, beginning Aug 7th.

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