Talking Tales #13 – 22nd April – Bristol

Unlucky for none Talking Tales #13 is still open for submissions until Friday 14th April and is due for take-off on Saturday the 22nd.

We can guarantee:

  • Complimentary smiles from all at Stokes Croft Writers
  • In-flight entertainment with stories to make you laugh, ponder, squirm and shiver
  • Unbroken sunshine…or if not that, a very warm welcome
  • A safe landing and happy times until you fly with us again

Our promise: if you book your seat at Talking Tales, you will fly with us. We have never felt the need to call security and have anyone dragged down our aisles.

Submissions for Talking Tales#13 close on 14th April.                            

E-mail your story (to be read in less than 10 minutes) to:

Event details – are stupendously straight-forward:

…venue:     Left Bank, 128 Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS6 5RW

…time:       cabin crew prepare for take-off at 6.30pm on Saturday 22nd April 2017.

…join-in:    the ‘finish the lines’ competition – win a badge.

We’d love to see you there – it’s our second birthday.

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