Shortest Day, Longest Night

9781909208292Launched at the Solstice Shorts Festival, and now on tour, thanks to an Arts Council grant.

Friday 7.30 06/01/2017 Oxford Albion Beatnik

Poem (and story): Sarah James. Story: Wendy Gill, Pauline Walker, David Mathews, David Steward.
Midnight in an hotel, a strained Sunday lunch, A promise kept, a mother searching space for her daughter, refugees and mice, and a day in the trenches.

Wednesday 7pm 11/01/2017 Lewisham Library
Poems: Lisa Kelly, A J Akoto. Stories: David Steward, Cherry Potts, Liam Hogan
A divided family, midwinter, a day in the trenches, An unwelcome visitor and bringing the sun home.

Sat 3pm 14/01/2017 Essex Wivenhoe Library
Stories: Rosalind Stopps, Cherry Potts, David Steward, Katy Darby, Poem: Lisa Kelly
A bleak time on a station. an unwelcome visitor, a post apocalyptic broadcast , and a divided family.

Tuesday 10/1/2017 St James Wine Vaults 10 St James Street, Bath, BA1 2TW
Combined reading with Liberty Tales. poem: Bernie Howley,  Elinor Brooks, Jeremy Dixon, Jill Sharp;  story: Nick Rawlinson,  Pippa Gladhill, Katy Darby, Cherry Potts

Wednesday 7pm 18/01/2017 Brockley Deli The Story Sessions: Winter Tales
Rosalind Stopps, plus others including YOU?

Saturday 04/02/2017 2pm North Kensington Library
Poems: Bob Beagrie, Lisa Kelly, A J Akoto. Story: Katy Darby, Liam Hogan, Pauline Walker, Cherry Potts
Several takes on midwinter, a divided family, bringing the sun home, an unwelcome visitor, a search across space, an old gods.

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