Writers paint bleak future for England

Brexit blues and post Euro 2016 have created a bleak mood in England – and it’s not going to get much better if the country’s creative are anything to go by.

We can expect food shortages, rising house prices, and possibly even the death of God. But it’s not all bad – we’ll soon be able to remove bad memories, chose out after life and even get a new pair of wings attached in the time it takes to ink a tattoo.

These are just some of the predictions found in the short stories on the England’s Future History website.

Our future timeline

The project was launched by former magazine editor Jonathan Brown to create a future timeline for the country.

Every three months, submissions are invited from short stories writers. The rules are simple – each tale should be set at some point in England’s future.

The catch is the events of each published entry become part of a timeline. Other writers then need to make sure their entries take these events into account.

Jonathan Brown, who now works with the Press Association as a digital content editor, said: “I wanted to create a joined up vision of our future.

“We’re at a tipping point in our country – we could head in a number of directions. I was just interested to see what other people thought would happen.”

The story so far…

The winning writers range from absolute beginners to experienced journalists and authors.

Jonathan Brown added: “The range of topics covered is amazing. But they’re definitely a few areas that are coming up time and again, with genetics and future healthcare one of the big issues.”

So far, seven stories have been published. They can be read here…

While there’s no set end date of the project, Jonathan says he’ll review the timeline after a year and see whether there’s still room to expand it or whether it’ll be time to reset and start again.

“The stories, I hope, reflect 2016. It’d be interesting to do it every year and see how the future changes.”

More information…

Entries are accepted all year round but new stories are only published once a quarter. It’s free to enter.

Ideas should be emailed to englandsfuturehistory@gmail.com . Visit the Submissions page for more details.

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