Tall Tales on Brum Radio: Call for Submissions

Deadline: Midnight, Sunday 31st July

We are currently seeking short stories of all genres to be performed by voice actors in our second season, which begins in September. Writers must be from or currently live in Birmingham / the West Midlands.

Word Count: Minimum 1,500 words. Maximum 4,000.

We welcome all genres and writing styles, however, please be aware that stories which feature large casts of characters and rely heavily on dialogue might not lend themselves well to a single narrator. You can find out more about the show here, and listen to past episodes here.

Before submitting, please read your story aloud to yourself, to ensure that the plot can still be followed easily in an audio format.

To Submit:

Please email stories@brumradio.com with Short Story Submission as your subject, and the following in the body of the message:

  1. Your full name, or the name you would like to be credited with.
  2. Any online presence (Twitter, website) which you would like us to promote in the closing credits of the episode.

Please attach your story as a Word file: .doc or .docx

Stories should be double spaced on A4 in an easily read font (Times New Roman or Arial are best) with clearly numbered pages. The title and author name must be clearly displayed at the top of the first page. Please ensure that pages do not end mid-sentence, as this can create difficulties while recording.

By submitting your story to Tall Tales, you give us permission to make minor changes during the adaptation process. Don’t worry; this usually just consists of making tiny tweaks to grammar so that it flows when read aloud.

If your story is selected to be included in the show, we will contact you to inform you of the broadcast date. We regret that we cannot inform authors whose work will not be included. This is an unpaid opportunity, as Brum Radio is a volunteer-run station.

Thank you for our interest in our show, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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