The A3 Review’s June Contest

This month, The A3 Review literary magazine is looking for short-short fiction, poetry and artwork on the theme of Odd Couples as we continue with our monthly competitions to find the best work for Issue #5, due out in September 2016.

Surprise, move or amuse us with pieces about human pairings, animal pairings, friends, lovers, couples from different ages or cultures, strange couples who can’t stand the sight of each other…and those who can’t be apart. Give us odd couples who have just met or those who have been together for too long.

Think of different settings: two strangers forced to sit next to each other on a bus or train; prisoners chained together; enemies stranded on a desert island, two kids forced to share bunks at summer camp. Think of double acts in music, comedy and on film. Get inspiration from Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise or Harold and Maude. Or even write about symbiotic relationships in nature – those that help both creatures and those between parasite and host.

We welcome short stories, flash fiction, graphic stories, memoir, photographs, illustrations or any combination of the above. The only restriction is a word-limit of 150 and images should fit well into an A6 panel.

Guest editor and award-winning author KM Elkes will choose two winners from the Odd Couples contest to go into Issue #5. All winning entries receive Writing Maps and contributor copies, while three overall winners for the issue receive cash prizes (1st = £150; 2nd = £75; 3rd = £50).

The deadline is 25th June, so get writing and get submitting! To find out more visit The A3 Review‘s Submittable page.

Also keep an eye out on our Twitter feed and Facebook page for prompts and more inspiration to help you write.

The A3 Review is brought to you by the folks who make Writing Maps.

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