Sensory Call-Out from The A3 Review

A3 Issue 5 RGBWriting contests continue in May for issue #5 of The A3 Review, the literary magazine that behaves like a map. This time we want your best work on the theme of the Five Senses – smell, taste, touch, sound and sight.

Guest editor and award-winning writer KM Elkes will choose two winners from the contest to go into Issue 5 of The A3 Review. All winning entries receive Writing Maps and contributor copies, while the three overall winners in each issue receive cash prizes worth £275.

We’re looking for pieces that send our senses into overdrive, so think about relationships between the senses, about situations like a meal, a journey, a kiss or a dangerous meeting where senses are heightened. Maybe a character is forced to undergo sensory deprivation, or regains a sense they thought long-lost. Think how the senses can trigger evocative memories. Or about animals and how differently they perceive the world through their senses. Think about how characters react to a familiar or completely new sensory sensation and how that changes their perception of the world.

The deadline for the Five Senses competition is 28th May, so get writing and get submitting! Click here to find out more.

And keep an eye out on our Twitter feed and Facebook page for news of some super-sensory mini-competitions to win back issues, as well as prompts to help you write.

The A3 Review is brought to you by the folks who make Writing Maps.

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