It’s Out And It’s Marvellous

Words and Women Three Cover


This year’s anthology edited by Lynne Bryan and Belona Greenwood and selected by novelist Emma Healey is an eclectic collection of high quality prose, a rich and vivid read of startling, compelling and moving texts set across the world and close to home.

Explore the unexpected: belly-dancing in Japan, the collapse of bricks and mortar in an ordinary street in an ordinary town, drugs buried in a Norfolk beet field or sample a still life on Brixton Station. Why does a canary sing in Kabul? What is the significance of the calf born in the snow? Infidelity and re-visited virginity, sinister origami and movie-making, the true nature of Jane Austen’s dog and murder in Mexico.  Everything about being human is here for the curious of mind and the adventurous by temperament.

Ann Abineri, Deborah Arnander, Susan K Burton, Caroline Davison, Sharon Eckman, Sarah Evans, Victoria Hattersley, Danusia Iwaszko, Sara Keene, Julie Kemmy, Isabelle King, Kathy Mansfield, C.G. Menon, Margaret Meyer, Nicola Miller, Antoinette Moses, Patricia Mullin, Glenys Newton, Dani Redd, Sarah Ridgard, Claudine Toutoungi and Louise Tree.

Praise for Words and Women One and Two.

“It is a refreshing, vibrant collection that has redefined the way I see women’s writing.”

R.M. Bond-Webster, EDP: “Words And Women: Two is an excellent anthology of imaginatively and superbly written pieces.”

WordsAand Women: One was shortlisted for a Saboteur Award in 2014.

Lynne Bryan and Belona Greenwood were shortlisted for the Women In Publishing New Venture Award 2015

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