Bunbury Needs You! And Some Updates For You

Hello to you from all of us at Bunbury Magazine. We hope you are doing well and enjoying the year so far!

We are writing to you now because we are asking for a favour from  all of you. As you know by now, we work not only our socks off but shoes as well to bring you the very best in creativity from around the world. Since we have started, we have published over 300 pieces of writing, a plethora of of art and photography and brought you interviews with some of the finest musicians, writers and comedians it has been our pleasure to meet. We are incredibly proud of the work we have done in putting Bunbury together and would like to raise the profile of the platform we are building for emerging creativity.

The nominations are now open for the Saboteur Awards 2016. We are hoping to be nominated for Best Magazine. Nominations are all down to the public voting for what they love. It would be a tremendous honour  if you would go and vote for us at the Saboteur Awards voting page.

To vote, click on the link below and vote Bunbury Magazine for Best Magazine.

Sab Awards

If you need a little bit more to tempt you in to voting for us, if we make it to the short list, Christopher and Keri, our erstwhile editors, have promised to get literary themed tattoos. Christopher will have the words ‘DON’T PANIC’ tattooed somewhere. Keri is still coming up with an idea but we will keep you in the loop.

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On top of all that, we have just started a new writing group in Bury, Lancashire. It is called Just Write. We give support to local writers who are working on pieces and it’s generally an all round good time. We will be running a ‘Local Poetry’ section in the magazine with the hopes of highlighting some of the great talent we have right on our doorstep. If you want to get involved, send your stuff to us on submissions@bunburymagazine.com and for more information on the group itself, click right here. =====> Just Write

That’s about it for now, dear Bunburyists! Thanks for your time and if you need anything, you know where we are.

Much love and keep scribbling!

Christopher and Keri.

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