Submissions open for Shooter #4: Technology

Staring into screens all day as so many of us now do, it’s not surprising to end up contemplating the extent to which fast-evolving technologies improve our lives – or deaden us to reality.

Given the impact that cutting-edge technology will continue to have on our lives – whether in the fields of medicine, agriculture, energy, warfare, entertainment, love or pretty much any area of human life – it seems that this is a crucial theme for writers to contemplate. Scientific advances may keep people alive for longer; but what will be the quality of life? Industry has polluted the earth to levels that ultimately may threaten our survival; will environmental innovation develop in time to combat the effects of climate change? The global population continues to mushroom; how will we manage to feed the planet? The latest dating apps arguably encourage grass-is-greener syndrome and an expedient attitude towards sex and romance; in light of this, how will people build loving relationships and stable families?

With so many significant issues swirling around technology, Shooter Literary Magazine invites submissions of short fiction, non-fiction and poetry on that theme for its summer issue. The magazine will favour pieces that grapple with the effect of real technologies (either those already in existence or currently being developed) over imaginary technologies of futuristic science-fiction. Fantastical sci-fi will be considered, but must either be related to a current technology or be of an exceptionally high literary standard. Whether in the form of a gadget, digital app, scientific development or cutting-edge process, technology can form either a small or large part of the story or poem, but in all cases work should address the impact that technology has on human experience, interaction or way of life.

As always, Shooter places a high value on entertaining, emotionally engaging stories that feature elegant writing and compelling characters. Irrespective of genre, writing must be of a high literary standard. Poetry that inclines to the observational, rather than experimental, end of the spectrum is preferred. Non-fiction can take the form of an opinion essay, personal memoir or reported piece of narrative journalism; non-fiction writers may query Melanie White at if they wish to run an idea past her first.

Prose writers may submit one story of 2,000 to 7,500 words, while poets may submit up to three poems by the deadline of April 24th. Shooter also seeks original illustrations for the cover; artists should send samples of their work or a link to their portfolio to Shooter pays writers and artists for their contributions. For submission guidelines and further details, please visit

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