New issue out, call for submissions, and BFS award!

HOLDFAST_TIME_2Issue#7 of Holdfast, Looking Forward, Looking Back is live!

We are so excited to have Tamora Pierce as our featured author, and talk to her about how her obsession with the Middle Ages as a child inspired her writing, as well as about writing the role models she felt were missing in fantasy. We have some wonderful short stories and poetry by Deborah Walker, Sian Lorna Dawson, Matt Harris, and Nicki Heinen in our fiction section. Find Sonia Mullet’s latest column on out-of-print SFF works, and a look at East Asian visions of the past and future by Lucy in our non-fiction section. And in cross media find our Terminator movie marathon, read about time travel and romance in Lisa Kerrigan’s article, and about TV show Quantum Leap in Time Travelling Without Moving by Tom Riley.


British Fantasy Awards

We are so amazed and thrilled to be able to say that we have now won the British Fantasy Society award for best magazine! It’s all thanks to our amazing writers and artists who make holdfast possible. Which leads us on to our next point:


Call for Submissions!

Holdfast Anthology 2015–2016

We are now looking for submissions for the next holdfast print anthology! Last year we successfully crowd-funded a print anthology in order to raise funds to pay our wonderful writers and artists for their work. This year’s will contain some of the best fiction, articles and artwork from issues 5–8, but we also want new fiction and articles on the following themes:

Of Land Sea and Sky (landscape, setting and place in SFF)

Gods and Monsters (religion and Politics)

Looking Forward, Looking back (time – from alternative history, fantasy set in the middle ages, through to dystopia and space opera, it’s a pretty broad theme)

Love, Sex, Romance (we are looking for interesting and original fiction and articles examining this theme in speculative fiction) Issue#8 subs are open until Jan 15.

Go to our submissions page for more information and read through our guidelines before submitting. Get writing!

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