Bunbury Here. How have we missed you? Let us count the ways…

Hello to all of you from us at Bunbury Magazine. We hope you are all well. Are you well? Are you? We’ll keep asking until you answer. Oh, you are? Great! We are in very high spirits here at the moment as we start to move forward with some very important things.

First thing is first, we are looking, as we said right above – just there, see? – to move forward in some very big ways. We have two wonderful authors who are publishing through us full collections of their work. We want to help promote their work as fantastic writers, give them the professional support they deserve and open up this service to all of you people. We want to help give you a platform for your passions. We want to advertise to everyone we can just how good our clients are! We want to get the authors we work with into print, give book launches, get more editors involved to enrich the editorial support and guidance we love to give to you all. We also want to open up our events to the whole community and make them a true spectacle of which everyone involved can be proud. There is so much we want to do to make Bunbury the company and support network we need. To do this, we are asking for your help. We want to get this project off the ground and that means having some dough. Even if you only donate £1, that £1 will be going towards something of which we can all be proud. If you do have that spare £1, click the link below and do your good deed for the day:

Bunbury back logo

As you know, we are always trying to make everyone’s life a little nice by bringing the best in grass-roots and established creativity. Well, we are trying to make things even shinier and prettier for you all. The beautiful Keri-Ann, our Editor and co-founder, has been making some gorgeous jewellery for you, our dear Bunburyists, and everyone else! We have set up shop on Etsy where you can procure yourself some very fine things indeed and there will be much more to follow. Click the picture of the Gamer Dice Earrings below to take a look. Funds received from you great people will be going towards funding some exciting things we are doing here at Bunbury and our chosen charity, FMA.


Issue nine is right around the corner. As always, we have worked out tiny little socks off (well, Keri’s are tiny. Christopher has large, unwieldy plates)  to bring you the very best in writing, art and features from right around the world. With submissions from America, the Middle-East, Australia, Mexico, right here in the U.K and everywhere in between, we feel we are bringing the world of creativity a little more tight-knit and cozy. We will not reveal too much of what we have planned for issue nine but it is an absolute cracker.

We are also accepting submissions for issue ten of Bunbury Magazine. The theme is politics so there is a lot of scope for you great writers to have some fun! Come and wow us with your words, pictures and everything else. If you have a project you are working on, a new book coming out, going on tour – anything! – and you would like to talk to us and our readers about it in interview form, let us know. Our submission guidelines can be found here:


If you can’t wait for issue nine, you can always catch up on previous issues by visiting us at our website by clicking the lovely picture below. You can find beautiful links to issues eight, seven and all the back catalogue of Bunbury.

Issue 8

Until next time, you lovely people, take care of yourselves, each other and all those you care about. Oh, and


Love Christopher and Keri.

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