Are You Sitting Comfortably? HEROES AND VILLIANS

For most of this year White Rabbit are investigating Heroes (and Villains). Later on this year we have a new show with Birmingham Rep and Albany Deptford called “How To Be A Hero” which will include stories of local heroism.

But before that we are hosting a short story telling night at Arts Admin (Toynbee Studios) and we’d love you to join us! We’re expecting stories of :

Heroes: you know, all tragically orphaned, with rippling muscles, capes, masks, pants-outside-trousers, side kicks, fatal flaws, square jaws. Their eyes glisten with tears, that kind of thing


Villains: this lot wear black a lot, they tend to be devilishly attractive/ horribly scarred, with maniacal laughs, plus some kind of terrible accident which bent their souls out of shape. They do however  like cats. But nothing else. Their eyes glitter with evil.

Donald Pleasence

Who can tell, these days? The good guys from the bad guys? And whom would you rather have a night out with? Come and find out with us,we serve delicious FREE food which will make a Superhero out of you and we play silly games, watch superheroes in action on the screen and have daring fun.

Date: Friday 19th June 2015

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Arts Admin at Toynbee Studios

28 Commercial Street E1 6AB

LONDON (nearest tube Aldgate East)

Tickets: £8 includes FREE food, competitions and prizes.

For tickets go here

There will be a prize for the best dressed Hero and the most dastardly dressed Villain, so dress up if you like but don’t feel obliged! See you there.





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