BED at the Brighton Festival

For this year’s Brighton Festival, White Rabbit‘s Bernadette Russell will be visiting people at home in their beds and reading them a story written especially for them.


Their rooms won’t be quite as they remembered them, there will be surprises and a midnight feast. Podcasts of the stories and conversations to follow. The story may continue in their dreams…..

BED is an on-going storytelling experiment, and has taken place in a giant bed at The Basement in Brighton, in a outdoor bed-on-stilts at Stroud Art Fair and in various beds of friends and strangers. Inspired by Truman Capote’ short story “Master Misery”

In bed on stilts at Stroud Art Fair.

In bed on stilts at Stroud Art Fair.

Dates for Brighton Festival

Friday 1st May- in the BED of Dorothy Max Prior, Brighton

Monday 4th May- in the BED of Lucy Ann Holmes, Eastbourne.

Click here for  a video of a previous BED


If you’d like a visit from Bernadette, please email and put BED in the subject line.





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