University of Leicester 2015 Short Story Competition

The Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning is delighted to announce our 2015 Short Story Competition for previously unpublished writers.

Writing Competition 2015

As in 2014, the competition is only open to writers whose home address has an LE postcode.

Stories can be in any genre and on any subject.

£300 – Creative Writing prize (open to entrants aged 18 and over).

£100 – Junior Prize (open to entrants aged between 14 and 17)

Winning stories and runners-up will appear in a short anthology and on the University of Leicester Website.

Deadline for entries    11th September 2015

No entry charge

We are after stories no longer than 2500 words, and each competitor can only submit one story. The story must be an original piece of imaginative storytelling – no factual or autobiographical material. Otherwise there are no limits on what you can write. Your story can be in any genre or style. We’re looking for well-told, lively, interesting tales, that’s all. For further details, please see our competition webpage 

9 thoughts on “University of Leicester 2015 Short Story Competition

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