Five new contributors for Writing Short Fiction!

Well, how about that!  Two new writers in early February, and now an even bigger spring update for Writing Short Fiction at   There are a total of six new pieces in the Champion Fiction section, all of them prize-winners, and contributed to the site by:

MAXINE ALTERIO, from New Zealand, who has sent

REGI CLAIRE from Edinburgh, contributing The Tasting

JO GATFORD, who has contributed Bing Bong

NINA KILLHAMfrom Melbourne, Australia, who has offered My Wife the Hyena

JONATHAN TAYLORLeicester writer and lecturercontributing  Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight’s Performance will Commence in Fifteen Minutes

We also have a second, welcome contribution from JOHN HOLLAND called The Open Door.

Maxine, Nina and Jo have also made contributions to the Tips from the Top section, including Twelve Tips on Writing Short Stories, The Problem with Short Stories and Working with Procrastination respectively.

Lots of valuable additional material to add to the formidable collection of content already there! And all without fees, passwords, memberships, etc!  Go see!

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